Welcome to the .NET ISO-8583 Framework

This framework provides ISO8583 messaging utilities for .NET 2.0 and up. Its objective is to simplify as much as possible the creation and parsing of ISO-8583 messages in the most common scenarios.

The message format and protocol and somewhat complex and cumbersome. The definition is available at ISO.org, so we will not be getting into the specifics of the protocol itself. This document and the framework itself are intended for people who are already familiar with this standard.


For the moment, you can download the source via Subversion, directly from SourceForge. This page shows you how to checkout the source code.

Configuration and Use

The configuration of this framework is intended to be done from an XML file available in the application path, or at the path specified by a system property. The format will be identical to that of the j8583 framework configuration so you can read about it there. If in the future there are any differences in the format, I will create separate documentation for the format for this framework here.

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